R-APS Control MAC

The R-APS messages use the MAC address range allocated within ITU OUI for G.8032 R-APS communication, which is 01:19:A7:00:00:ring-id or 01:19:A7:00:00:01; whereas ring-id ranges from 1 to 239. ExtremeXOS supports both type of R-APS control MACs. You can use either “01:19:A7:00:00:01 (auto)” or “01:19:A7:00:00:ring-id (default)” as a R-APS control MAC using the following command: configure erps ring-name control-mac [auto | default].

Note that this command is only applicable on ring instances created with user-defined ring-id.

Control MAC by Default



Be advised that the ITU_T standard does not have the mechanism to recognize configuration mismatches across the nodes, especially with the ring-ID/control MAC configuration. Therefore, you must make sure that the all of the ring instances on all nodes within the same physical ring have the same ring ID and control MAC.