Managing MAC Address Tracking

The MAC address tracking feature tracks FDB add, move, and delete events for specified MAC addresses and for specified ports.

When MAC address tracking is enabled for a port, this feature applies to all MAC addresses on the port.

When an event occurs for a specified address or port, the software generates an EMS message and can optionally send an SNMP trap. When MAC address tracking is enabled for a specific MAC address, this feature updates internal event counters for the address. You can use this feature with the Universal Port feature to configure the switch in response to MAC address change events (for an example, see Universal Port).



When a MAC address is configured in the tracking table, but detected on a MAC tracking enabled port, the per MAC address statistical counters are not updated.

The MAC address tracking feature is always enabled; however, you must configure MAC addresses or ports before tracking begins. The default configuration contains no MAC addresses in the MAC address tracking table and disables this feature on all ports.