Identity Names

After identity attributes are captured, they can be viewed with show commands on the switch. The identity ID Name assigned to each identity depends on the identity attributes collected. For example, if a MAC address detected by FDB is not correlated by at least one other software component, the identity is considered an unknown identity, and identity manager creates an identity entry with the name unknown_<MAC-Address>, where MAC-Address is replaced with the actual MAC address.

When an FDB detected MAC address is correlated by another software component, the identity is considered a known identity, and the identity manager names the identity based on the identity attributes.

For example, if a user name is collected, the user name becomes the ID name. If a username is not discovered, identity manager creates a name based on the MAC address.

Identity manager can change the ID name when additional attributes are learned, or when the identity status changes between known and unknown. For example, if LLDP sends an identity removal trigger to the identity manager for an LLDP-based identity, and if a valid FDB entry exists for the removed identity, the identity manager reestablishes the identity as an unknown identity (unknown_<MAC-Address>).


If FDB triggers the removal of the MAC address for an unknown identity, the identity manager deletes the corresponding unknown identity after a period of time.