VRRP Master Preemption

VRRP master preemption is a feature that allows a VRRP backup router with a higher VRRP priority to take control from a lower priority backup that is acting as the master.

VRRP election occurs as described in ESRP Master Election. VRRP preemption occurs when a VRRP backup router is added to the network or recovers, and that backup router has a higher priority than the current backup VRRP that is operating as the master.


The VRRP router IP address owner always preempts, independent of the VRRP preemption setting.
When a VRRP backup router preempts the master, it does so in one of the following ways:

The preempt delay timer provides time for a recovering router to complete start up before preempting a lower-priority router. If the preempt delay timer is configured too low, traffic is lost between the time the preempting router takes control and the time when it has completed startup.