Creating a Backup Configuration File

Before upgrading ExtremeXOS on a switch, it is highly recommended that you create a backup copy of the configuration. Creating a copy of the "Config Booted" configuration file, with the version number of the ExtremeXOS image included in the name of the backup copy, is the simplest method.

To do this:

  1. Save the configuration to the database so the switch can reapply the configuration after the switch reboot using the save command.
  2. Enter y at the prompt to save your changes.
  3. Execute the show switch command to view the "Config Booted" file. The following output is displayed:
    # show switch
    SysName:          XXXXX
    SysContact:, +1 888 257 3000
    System MAC:       00:04:96:51:FE:E2
    System Type:      XXXXXX
    SysHealth check:  Enabled (Normal)
    Recovery Mode:    All
    System Watchdog:  Enabled 
    Current Time:     Thu Sep  4 00:57:18 2014
    Timezone:         [Auto DST Disabled] GMT Offset: 0 minutes, name is UTC.
    Boot Time:        Wed Sep  3 20:07:11 2014
    Boot Count:       402
    Next Reboot:      None scheduled
    System UpTime:    4 hours 50 minutes 7 seconds 
    Current State:    OPERATIONAL
    Image Selected:   primary
    Image Booted:     primary
    Primary ver:
    Secondary ver: 
    Config Selected:  ssh-privatekey.cfg
    Config Booted:    ssh-privatekey.cfg 
                      ssh-privatekey.cfg Created by ExtremeXOS version                  
                219131 bytes saved on Mon Jul 14 23:03:08 2014
  4. Using the ExtremeXOS version shown in the "Config Booted:" line, enter the "copy" command as shown:
    cp config selected config-booted-exos_ver

    For example: cp ssh-privatekey.cfg ssh-privatekey-15_7_1_5



    For more information about version strings, see Understanding the Image Version String.

For more information about ExtremeXOS configuration files, see Configuration Changes.

In addition, Extreme Management Center and Ridgeline products have documented methods for backing up and restoring configuration for Extreme devices.

For Extreme Management Center procedures, visit (a valid customer account is required access this site) or access the online help available from the Help menu in the Extreme Management Center application.

For Ridgeline procedures, see the Configuration Manager section of the Ridgeline Reference Guide.