Configure Port decription-string

To configure up to 255 characters associated with a port, issue the command:

configure port port_list description-string string

If you configure a string longer than 64 characters, the following warning will be displayed: Note: Port description strings longer than 64 chars are only accessible via SNMP if the following command is issued: configure snmp ifmib ifalias size extended

To control the accessible string size (default 64, per MIB) for the SNMP ifAlias object, issue the command:

config snmp ifmib ifalias size [default | extended]

If you choose the extended size option, the following warning will be displayed: Warning: Changing the size to [extended] requires the use of increased 255 chars long ifAlias object of ifXtable from IF-MIB(RFC 2233)

You can always configure a 255-character-long string regardless of the configured value of ifAlias size. Its value only affects the SNMP behavior.