Global Sampling Rate

The global sampling rate is the rate set on newly enabled sFlow ports. Changing this rate does not affect currently enabled sFlow ports. The default sample rate is 8192, so sFlow samples one packet out of every 8192 received.

Use the following command to configure the switch to use a different sampling rate.
configure sflow sample-rate number

For example, if you set the sample rate number to 16384, the switch samples one out of every 16384 packets received. Higher numbers mean fewer samples and longer times between samples. If you set the number too low, the number of samples can be very large, which increases the load on the switch. Do not configure the sample rate to a number lower than the default unless you are sure that the traffic rate on the source is low.

The Global Sampling Rate applies to all ExtremeSwitching platforms.



The minimum rate that these platforms sample is 1 out of every 256 packets. If you configure a rate to be less than 256, the switch automatically rounds up the sample rate to 256.