Technical Support Bundles for Troubleshooting

To troubleshoot issues, you can use debug bundles, which are JSON files with predefined modules to common problems that can be executed when an issue occurs. You can search for a bundle that best matches your issue, and then execute that relevant bundle that matches your problem.

To use tech support bundles:

  1. View the available bundles using the following command:

    show tech-support help

    List of Bundles: L2-VPN, AAA, GPTP, MLAG, optics, VLAN, MPLS, L2 multicast, Netlogin , L3 IPv4, VRRP, LAG, L2, EAPS, policy, STP, ACL, OSPF, link issues, Extended Edge Switching (VPEX).

  2. Copy debug_bundle.json to a TFTP server. Transfer by TFTP the file to your switch using the following command:

    tftp get [ ip-address | host-name] { vr vr_name } { block-size block_size } remote-file local-file} {force-overwrite}

    # tftp get debug_bundle.json

    The debug_bundle.json file is located at:

  3. Run a debug bundle using the following command:

    show tech-support {all | area | {{bundle bundle_name} {monitor num_iterations} {interval seconds}} {detail} {logto [file]}