Steel-Belted Radius

For users who have the Steel-Belted Radius (SBR) server from Juniper Networks, it is possible to limit the number of concurrent login sessions using the same user account. This feature allows the use of shared user accounts, but limits the number of simultaneous logins to a defined value. Using this feature requires Steel-Belted Radius for RADIUS authentication and accounting. To limit the maximum concurrent login sessions under the same user account:

  1. Configure RADIUS and RADIUS-Accounting on the switch.

    The RADIUS and RADIUS-Accounting servers used for this feature must reside on the same physical RADIUS server. Standard RADIUS and RADIUS-Accounting configuration is required as described earlier in this chapter.

  2. Modify the SBR vendor.ini file and user accounts.
    1. To configure the SBR server, the file vendor.ini must be modified to change the Extreme Networks configuration value of ignore-ports to yes as shown in the example below:
      vendor-product       = Extreme Networks
      dictionary           = Extreme
      ignore-ports         = yes
      port-number-usage    = per-port-type
      help-id              = 2000
    2. After modifying the vendor.ini file, the desired user accounts must be configured for the Max-Concurrent connections. Using the SBR Administrator application, enable the check box for Max-Concurrent connections and fill in the desired number of maximum sessions.