EMISTP Configuration Example

EMISTP Configuration Example is an example of EMISTP.

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EMISTP Configuration Example


By default, all ports added to a user-defined STPD or STPD s0 are in dot1d mode, unless otherwise specified.

The following commands configure the switch located between S1 and S2:

create vlan red
configure red tag 100
configure red add ports 1:1-1:4 tagged
create vlan green
configure green tag 200
configure green add ports 1:1-1:2 tagged
create vlan yellow
configure yellow tag 300
configure yellow add ports 1:3-1:4 tagged
create stpd s1
configure stpd s1 add green ports all emistp
configure stpd s1 add red ports 1:1-1:2 emistp
configure stpd s1 tag 100
enable stpd s1
create stpd s2
configure stpd s2 add yellow ports all emistp
configure stpd s2 tag 300
configure stpd s2 add red ports 1:3-1:4 emistp
enable stpd s2