DHCP Smart Relay

A DHCP Relay agent relays DHCP requests from the client to the DHCP server, and relays the DHCP replies from the server to the client. It acts as a proxy, and can reduce the number of DHCP servers required in the network. The DHCP relay agent inserts its own IP address in the giaddr field (gateway address) of the DHCP request. The DHCP server looks into this IP address, identifys the DHCP client‘s subnet, and assigns an IP address accordingly.

The ExtremeXOS BOOTPRelay module is Extreme Networks' DHCP Relay agent. It is now enhanced to optionally insert the secondary addresses of the interface.

DHCP clients can now be dynamically assigned both public and private addresses in an effort to reduce administrative overhead. ExtremeXOS can now configure the BOOTPRelay agent to insert both primary and secondary address(es) of the client-facing interface as a gateway address in the DHCP packet. At any given point in time, the DHCP client can be assigned one IP address.

You can insert different addresses in the giaddr field (gateway address) in two different ways:

Configuring DHCP Smart Relay

Issue the following commands to configure te DHCP Smart Relay feature:

Supported Platforms

This feature is supported on all platforms.