Creating Management Accounts

An account can be disabled or enabled locally using read/write access. Even all administrative privileged accounts and user privileged accounts can be disabled. Lawful-Intercept account will be disabled under user privileged option. When all administrative accounts will be disabled locally, a warning will be shown to use failsafe account, if necessary.
  1. Log in to the switch as admin.
  2. At the password prompt, press [Enter], or enter the password that you have configured for the admin account.
  3. Run the create account [admin | user | lawful-intercept] account-name {encrypted encrypted_password | password} command to add a new user.
    If you do not specify a password or the keyword encrypted, you are prompted for one. Passwords are case-sensitive.


    Using the encrypted option incorrectly can result in being locked out of your switch account. For more information about the encrypted option, see create account.
    If you do not want a password associated with the specified account, press [Enter] twice.
    User-created account names are not case-sensitive.

Viewing Accounts

You can view all accounts. To view the accounts that have been created, you must have administrator privileges. Run the show accounts command.

Deleting an Account

You can remove accounts that should no longer exist, but you must have administrator privileges. To delete an account, run the delete account command.