BGP Peer Groups

You can use BGP peer groups to group together up to 512 BGP neighbors. All neighbors within the peer group inherit the parameters of the BGP peer group. The following mandatory parameters are shared by all neighbors in a peer group:

Each BGP peer group is assigned a unique name when it is created, and each peer supports either IPv4 or IPv6 address families (but not both).

When the first peer is added to a BGP peer group, the peer group adopts the IPv4 or IPv6 address family of the assigned peer. After the first peer is assigned, the peer group does not support any configuration options or capabilities for the IP address family not selected. For example, if an IPv6 peer is the first peer added to a peer group, the peer group no longer supports IPv4 configuration options or capabilities.

Changes made to the parameters of a peer group are applied to all neighbors in the peer group.

Modifying the following parameters will automatically disable and enable the neighbors before changes take effect: