Configuring Session Refresh

To enable or disable the network login session refresh, use the following commands:

enable netlogin session-refresh {refresh_minutes}

disable netlogin session-refresh

Where minutes ranges from 1 - 255. The default setting is 3 minutes. The commands enable netlogin session-refresh and configure netlogin session-refresh make the logout window refresh itself at every configured time interval. Session refresh is enabled by default. When you configure the network login session refresh for the logout window, ensure that the FDB aging timer is greater than the network login session refresh timer.



If an attempt is made to authenticate the client in a non-existent VLAN, and the move fail action setting is authenticate, then the client is successfully authenticated in the port‘s original VLAN, but subsequent session refreshes fail and cause the client to become unauthenticated.
When web-based Network Login is configured with proxy ports and session-refresh are also enabled, you must configure the web browser to bypass the web proxy server for the IP address of the VLAN into which the client moves after authentication.