Example: ELRP on Protocol-Based VLANs

For ELRP to detect loops on a protocol-based VLAN (other than the protocol any), you need to add the ethertype 0x00bb to the protocol.

  1. Create VLANs:
    create vlan v1
    create vlan v2
  2. Configure protocol filters:
    configure vlan v1 protocol IP
    configure vlan v2 protocol decnet
  3. Add ports to the VLANs:
    configure vlan v1 add ports 1
    configure vlan v2 add ports 2
  4. Enable ELRP on the created VLANs:
    enable elrp-client
    configure elrp-client periodic v1 ports all interval 5 seconds log
    configure elrp-client periodic v2 ports all interval 5 seconds log
  5. Add the ethertype to the protocol:
    configure protocol IP add snap 0x00bb
    configure protocol decnet add snap 0x00bb

VLANs v1 and v2 can now detect the loop on their respective broadcast domains.