Resetting MPLS Configuration Parameter Values

To reset MPLS configuration parameters to their default values, disable MPLS (see Enabling and Disabling MPLS on an LSR) and then use the following command:
unconfigure mpls

This command affects the following configuration parameters:

  • All VLANs are removed from MPLS.

  • All EXP (examination and replacement) QOS mappings are reset.

  • LSR-ID is reset.

  • LDP and RSVP-TE are globally disabled.

  • MPLS Traps are disabled.

  • LDP and RSVP-TE timers are reset.

  • LDP Advertisement settings are reset.

  • LDP Loop Detection settings are reset.

  • All RSVP-TE LSPs are deleted.

  • All RSVP-TE Paths are deleted.

  • All RSVP-TE Profiles are deleted.

  • The default RSVP-TE Profile is reset.