gPTP LAG Support

Starting in ExtremeXOS 21.1, configuration of gPTP on a LAG port is supported. However, the protocol is still running on the member port, aka, physical port level. When gPTP is enabled on a LAG port, all member ports are enabled with the protocol, vice versa when it is disabled on the LAG port. All member ports share the same gPTP configurations. When adding or deleting LAG member port, gPTP is automatically enabled or disabled. Member ports go operational up/down when the physical port is administratively enabled/disabled.

It is recommended to perform configuration on the LAG level; however, the only keyword in the enable/disable/configure network-gptp CLIs allows per member port fine tuning. This per member port change is overwritten with the next LAG level configuration. Unconfigure gPTP on a member port is not allowed though; otherwise, the newly added member port may not have the reference of the master port for gptp configuration.

In the CLI display, all member ports with gPTP enabled, regardless port operational status, are listed, but noted as a LAG member port. The LAG itself is not displayed because it does not participate the protocol.