Accessing the Bootloader

The Bootloader of the switch initializes certain important switch variables during the boot process. In the event the switch does not boot properly, you can access some boot option functions through the Bootloader.

Aside from directing which installed ExtremeXOS image to install during bootup, interaction with the Bootloader is required only under special circumstances and should be done only under the direction of Extreme Networks Customer Support. The necessity of using these functions implies a nonstandard problem that requires the assistance of Extreme Networks Customer Support.

To access the Bootloader to select an installed ExtremeXOS image to load:

  1. Attach a serial cable to the console port of the switch.
  2. Attach the other end of the serial cable to a properly configured terminal or terminal emulator, power cycle the switch, and then press spacebar on the terminal during the bootup process:
    • For all switches the BootRom> prompt appears.

      To see a list of available commands or additional information about a specific command, type h or help.

  3. To load a particular installed image:
    • For all switches type boot [1 | 2], where 1 loads the image installed on the primary partition, and 2 loads the secondary partition image.