MAC-Based Network Login Configuration Example

The following configuration example shows the Extreme Networks switch configuration needed to support the MAC-based network login example.

create vlan “temp”
create vlan “corp”
configure vlan “default” delete ports 4:1-4:4
# Configuration Information for VLAN corp
# No VLAN-ID is associated with VLAN corp.
configure vlan “corp” ipaddress
# Network Login Configuration
configure netlogin vlan “temp”
enable netlogin mac
enable netlogin ports 4:1-4:4 mac
configure netlogin add mac-list default <password>
# RADIUS Client Configuration
configure radius netlogin primary server 1812 client-ip vr “VR-Mgmt”
configure radius netlogin primary shared-secret purple
enable radius

The following example is a user's file entry for a specific MAC address on a FreeRADIUS server:

00E018A8C540 Auth-Type := Local,  User-Password == "00E018A8C540"


For information about how to use and configure your RADIUS server, refer to Configuring the RADIUS Client and the documentation that came with your RADIUS server.