sFlow Configuration Example

In a service provider environment, you can configure sFlow to sample packets at the edge of the network to determine the hourly usage for each IP address in the data center.

You can capture web traffic, FTP traffic, mail traffic, and all bits of data that travel across service providers‘ edge routers to their customers‘ (end users‘) servers.

The example in this section assumes that you already have an sFlow data collector installed somewhere in your network. In many environments, the sFlow data collector is on a network PC.

The following sFlow configuration example performs the following tasks in a service provider environment:

configure sflow collector vr vr-mgmt
configure sflow ports 5:21 sample-rate 8192
enable sflow ports 5:21 egress
enable sflow

Here is sample output for the configuration:

SFLOW Global Configuration   
Global Status: enabled   
Polling interval: 20   
Sampling rate: 8192   
Maximum cpu sample limit: 2000   
SFLOW Configured Agent IP: 
Operational Agent IP:   
SFLOW Port  Configuration Port Status  Sample-rate Subsampling Sflow-type 
Config / Actual factor Ingress/Egress
5:21    enabled          8192 / 8192  1          Disabled / Enabled