Syntax in Set block

extended-community  [set | add | delete] "<extended-community-1> <extended-community-2> …."
extended-community remove

Where, the syntax of <extended-community-N> is the following:

[rt|soo]:[<2-byte AS num>:<4-byte num> | <4-byte IP Address>:<2-byte num>]
The attributes are defined as follows:
  • set: Replaces the existing extended communities by the new ones as supplied in the policy statement.
  • add: Adds new extended communities to the existing extended community attribute. If an extended community is already present, then policy will not add a duplicate extended community to the route.
  • delete: Deletes some of the extended communities from the extended community attribute.
  • remove: Removes extended community attribute from the route.
  • rt: route target extended community type
  • soo: site of origin extended community type
  • <2-byte AS number>: This is 2-byte AS number. Use of private AS-number is not recommended
  • <4-byte num>: 4-byte unsigned number
  • <4-byte IP address>: A valid host IP address. Network address is not accepted. Use of private IP address is not recommended. Class-D IP address will be rejected.