EVPN Supported Route Types

The following table shows the supported EVPN route types in ExtremeXOS.

Table 1. Supported EVPN Route Types in ExtremeXOS
Route Type Route type Name Usage ExtremeXOS Support
1 Ethernet Auto Discovery per ESI and per EVI Per ES- fast convergence, split horizon,per EVI—aliasing, backup path No (MLAG used)
2 Mac/IP route Reachability to MAC/IP. Yes
3 Inclusive multicast ethernet tag route (PMSI tunnel) VNI membership for broadcast and multicast replication Yes
4 Ethernet Segment route DF election, multi-homed ES auto-discovery No
5 IP prefix route Advertise IP prefixes Yes, except on Default VR.
6 Selective multicast ethernet tag route IGMP membership to EVPN No