Managing the Switch with Bluetooth Devices

You can manage certain switches using Bluetooth with mobile devices or laptops. Bluetooth is enabled by default.

Supported Platforms

Switches: All ExtremeSwitching Universal platforms.

Adapters: Dongles with a common Bluetooth controller (Cypress CY20702). Vendors with CY20702 pluggable and CC&C (USB-BT-400).


Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth users/clients can access switches using either the global IP address or link local IP address. The Bluetooth interface is assigned with the global IP address ( or DHCP server runs on the Bluetooth interface. This is mainly to serve Bluetooth clients with DHCP support. After a Bluetooth connection is established, all Bluetooth clients are allocated IP addresses from this pool (– or– For Bluetooth clients that do not support DHCP, you can use the link local IP address for accessing the switch. Range is–

To set up a Bluetooth device to manage a switch:
  1. Insert a supported dongle into the USB port of the switch.
  2. If needed (Bluetooth is enabled by default), ensure that Bluetooth capability, discovery, and pairing are all enabled. using the following command:

    enable switch bluetooth {discovery | pairing }

    You can check Bluetooth status using the show switch bluetooth [statistics | inventory] command.

  3. If needed, enable Bluetooth on the desired Bluetooth device (phone or laptop).
  4. To initiate pairing, do one of the following:
    • Press and hold the mode button for approximately 5 seconds.
    • Press the pairing button on the dongle.

    The Bluetooth Status LED blinks green while pairing is in progress, and then becomes solid green when Bluetooth is connected.

Bluetooth Commands

To enable Bluetooth capabilities, use the following command:

enable switch bluetooth {discovery | pairing }

To disable Bluetooth capabilities, use the following command:

disable switch bluetooth {discovery | pairing }

clear switch bluetooth device [all | address]

To show Bluetooth information, use the following command:

show switch bluetooth [statistics | inventory]