Configuration Summary

Use the following procedure to configure QoS:

  1. Configure basic Layer 2 connectivity (prerequisite).
  2. Configure QoS scheduling, if needed, as described in Selecting the QoS Scheduling Method.
  3. Configure ingress and egress rate-limiting as needed:
    1. Create a meter as described in Creating Meters.
    2. Configure the meter as described in Configuring a Meter.
    3. Apply the meter to ingress traffic as described in Applying a Meter to Ingress Traffic.
  4. Configure non-ACL-based egress QoS profile selection as described in the following sections:
  5. Configure 802.1p or DiffServ packet marking as described in Configuring 802.1p or DSCP Replacement.
  6. Configure egress QoS profile rate shaping as needed:
    1. Create egress QoS profiles as described in Creating or Deleting an Egress QoS Profile.
    2. Configure egress QoS profile rate shaping parameters as described in Configuring an Egress QoS Profile.
  7. Configure egress port rate shaping as described in Configuring Egress Port Rate Limits.
  8. Finalize ACL traffic-based group configuration as described in Configuring an ACL-Based Traffic Group.
  9. Verify the configuration using the commands described in Displaying QoS Configuration and Performance.