Verifying the EAPS Blocking State for the Protected VLAN

To ensure there is no potential for a broadcast storm, confirm that EAPS is successfully blocking the protected VLAN, as shown in the following example:
* SWITCH#2.16 # show new-eaps
Name: new-eaps
State: Complete                               Running: Yes
Enabled: Yes Mode: Master
Primary port:   4:1           Port status: Up         Tag status: Tagged
Secondary port: 4:2           Port status: Blocked    Tag status: Tagged
Hello timer interval: 1  sec  0  millisec
Fail timer interval:  3  sec
Fail Timer expiry action: Send alert
Last valid EAPS update: From Master Id 00:04:96:10:51:50, at Fri Sep 10 13:38:39 2004
EAPS Domain‘s Controller Vlan: control-1 4001
EAPS Domain‘s Protected Vlan(s): data 1000
Number of Protected Vlans: 1
After you verify that EAPS is protecting the data VLAN, you can safely remove the STP configuration.