Understanding Core Dump Messages

If you configure the switch to write core dump (debug) files to internal memory (/usr/local/tmp) and attempt to download a new software image, you might have insufficient space to complete the image download.

If this occurs, move or delete the core dump files from the internal memory. For example, if the switch supports a USB 2.0 storage device and space is available, transfer the files to the storage device. On switches without removable storage devices, transfer the files from internal memory to a TFTP server. This frees up space on the internal memory card while keeping the core dump files.

The switch displays a message similar to the following and prompts you to take action:

Core dumps are present in internal-memory and must be removed before this download can continue. 
(Please refer to documentation for the “configure debug core-dumps” command for additional information)
Do you want to continue with download and remove existing core dumps? (y/n)

Type y to remove the core dump files and download the new software image. Type n to cancel this action and transfer the files before downloading the image.

For information about configuring and sending core dump information, see the configure debug core-dumps [ off | directory_path] and save debug tracefiles directory_path commands.