Integrated Application Hosting (IAH) Commands

The following topics shows all Integrated Application Hosting (IAH) for guest virtual machines (VMs) commands.

Creating VMs

create vm vm_name ova ova_file {memory memory_size} {cpus num_cpus} {slot slot_ID} {vnc [none | vnc_display]}

create vm vm_name image image_file {memory memory_size} {cpus num_cpus} {slot slot_ID}{vnc [none | vnc_display]}

Configuring VMs

configure vm vm_name {add | delete} ports portlist

open vm vm_name {console}

configure vm vm_name cpus num_cpus

configure vm vm_name memory memory_size

configure vm vm_name add virtual-interface port port {vlan vlan_id} {name vf_name}

configure vm vm_name delete virtual-interface [name vf_name | mac mac_addr]

configure vm vm_name vnc [none | vnc_display]

configure vm vm_name disk bus-type bus_type

Starting/Stopping/Suspending/Resuming VMs

start vm vm_name

stop vm vm_name [forceful | graceful]

restart vm vm_name {forceful | graceful}

suspend vm vm_name

resume vm vm_name

Enabling/Disabling Automatic Start-up for VMs

enable vm vm_name autostart

disable vm vm_name autostart

Deleting VMs

delete vm vm_name

Showing VM Information

show vm {vm_name | detail}

show vm vm_name guest interfaces

show vm vm_name virtual-interface {vf_name}

Clearing VM Storage

clear vm storage

Saving VMs

save vm vm_name state

Removing VMs

To remove all installed VMs, use the following command with the all option:

unconfigure switch {all | erase [all | nvram]}


VM installation files (OVA, qcow2, QEMU-compatible) are not removed with this command.

Be aware that using this command generally resets the switch back to factory defaults, which includes removing the configuration file, management IP address, failsafe account, and SummitStack-specific parameters, and the rebooting the switch.

Exporting VM Disk Images

save vm vm_name image image_file