Overview of Day-0 Operations for a Small Data Center Fabric

Day-0 operations consist of forming the fabric.

This table provides examples of the commands that you use to create a small data center (non-Clos) fabric with two SLX devices. For more information about commands and supported parameters, see Extreme Fabric Automation Command Reference, 3.1.0 .

Table 1. Day-0 operations
Operation Command Example
Create a fabric efa fabric create --name CNCF type non-clos
Enable backup routing efa fabric setting update --backup-routing-enable Yes --name CNCF
Disable VLAN VNI auto-map efa fabric setting update --vni-auto-map No --name CNCF
Add the first device efa fabric device add --ip --hostname slx-a --rack pod1 --username admin --password password --name CNCF
Add the second device efa fabric device add --ip --hostname slx-b --rack pod1 --username admin --password password --name CNCF
Configure the fabric efa fabric configure --name CNCF