Notification Service

Notifications are alerts, tasks, and events that EFA sends to subscribers by HTTPS webhook or syslog over RELP (Reliable Event Logging Protocol).


Notification service notifies the external entities about the events and alerts that occur on EFA and EFA managed devices.

Device events are derived from the syslog events that are received from the devices that are managed by EFA.

Alerts are notifications that EFA services send for unexpected conditions, such as the following:
  • Loss of switch connectivity
  • Failure to configure the fabric, tenant, or endpoint group (EPG) on the device
  • Failure to perform operations such as port up or port down, set speeds, and breakout mode
  • Firmware download failure
  • Devices exiting maintenance mode
  • Certificate expiry, expired alerts
  • Storage threshold alerts
Task notifications are based on user-driven or timer-based operations, such as the following:
  • Registering or updating a device
  • Device timer collection completed
  • Adding devices to a fabric
  • Creating, updating, or deleting a fabric
  • Creating, updating, or deleting a tenant
  • Creating, updating, or deleting an endpoint group

Notification methods

EFA supports two methods of notification: HTTPS webhook and syslog (using RELP over TLS). The format of the notifications is the same for both methods. You can configure one or both methods.

This REST API-based method is a POST operation. The notification payload is in the body of the HTTPS call. Use the efa notification subscribers add-https command to register a subscriber for this method of notification.
Syslog over RELP
In this client-server method, the client initiates the connection and the server listens. In this scenario, the client is the Notification service and the server is the remote system where syslog is configured to work with RELP. Any external server that is configured with RELP can be registered as a subscriber to EFA notifications.
When RELP is configured with mTLS, EFA must be installed in secure mode. For more information, see the 'EFA Installation Modes" topic in the Extreme Fabric Automation Deployment Guide, 3.1.0 .
Communication from SLX devices occurs over TLS. The certificates required for SLX devices to work with secure syslog are generated when the devices are registered.
Use the efa notification subscribers add-syslog-relp command to register a subscriber for this method of notification.


Notification service will be disabled and will not send any alerts or events to those subscribers that fail to send messages due to connectivity issues. There will be a five minute periodic timer to verify the connectivity status of the failed subscribers.

EFA-008000 is a special event which will be received by the subscribers during the verification of connectivity between EFA notification service and subscribers. Subscribers receiving this message are indicated that there was a prior connectivity issue and it is now resolved.