Fabric Service Overview

Fabric Service is responsible for automating the Fabric BGP underlay and EVPN overlay. By default, the EVPN overlay is enabled but can be disabled before provisioning if desired. Fabric Service exposes the CLI and REST API to clients for automating the fabric underlay and overlay configuration.

Fabric Service features include:
  • Small Data Center Topology (small data center support)
  • Support for 3- and 5-stage Clos fabrics
  • Support for MCT configuration
  • Support for Eco-System Integration; Openstack, VMWare vCenter, Microsoft Hyper-V, and SCVMM

Underlay automation includes Interface Configurations (IP Numbered), BGP Underlay for spine and leaf, BFD, and MCT configurations. Overlay automation includes EVPN and Overlay Gateway configuration. Fabric Service is deployed along with Inventory Service and Tenant Service.



You cannot perform fabric and tenant operations when manual DRC is in progress.