Fabric Event Handling

Event handling reason code is generated only in case of a drift in configuration at the device after EFA fabric is configured. The following listed events generated by RASlog event or device update is handled in fabric services:

The efa fabric show command displays all the events handled at fabric services.

LA/LD - Link Add/Delete, IA/ID/IU - Interface Add/Delete/Update, PLC/PLD/PLU - IPPrefixList Create/Delete/Update
MD/MU - MCT Delete/Update, OD/OU - Overlay Gateway Delete/Update, EU/ED - Evpn Delete/Update, PC/PD/PU - RouterPim Create/Delete/Update
DD - Dependent Device Update, DA/DR - Device Add/ReAdd, ASN - Asn Update, SYS - System Properties Update
MD5 - BGP MD5 Password, BGPU - Router BGP Update, BGPLL - BGP Listen Limit, POU - Port Channel Update, NA - Not Applicable
Drift (SLX vs EFA) App State CONFIG GEN REASON (efa fabric show)
Evpn Cfg-refresh EU/ED - Evpn Delete or Update
Cluster Cfg-refresh MD/MU - MCT Delete or Update
Router bgp Cfg-refresh BGPU - Router BGP Update
Overlay gateway Cfg-refresh OD/OU - Overlay Gateway Delete/Update,
Interface ( Phy/ Lo/Po) Cfg-refresh IA/ID/IU - Interface Add, Delete or Update
LLDP Cfg-refresh LA/LD - Link Add or Delete