EPG: Network Property: IP MTU

You can configure the maximum transmission unit (MTU) when you create or update an endpoint group.

About this task

You use the --ip-mtu parameter (in the format ctag:value) to configure the MTU for the tenant network. This value is then configured on the interface VE on the SLX device.


  1. To configure MTU when you create an endpoint group, run the efa tenant epg create command.
    $ efa tenant epg create --name ten1epg1 --tenant ten1 --port[0/1],[0/1] --switchport-mode trunk --ctag-range 11-12 --anycast-ip11: 
    --anycast-ip12: --anycast-ipv6 11:11::1/127 --anycast-ipv6 12:12::1/127 
    --vrf ten1vrf1 --ip-mtu 11:7900 --ip-mtu 12:8900
    This example creates an endpoint group with MTU values for Ctag 11 and Ctag 12.
  2. To configure MTU for an existing endpoint group, run the efa tenant epg update command during vrf-add or ctag-range-add operations.
    $ efa tenant epg update --name ten1epg1 --tenant ten1 --operation ctag-range-add 
    --ctag-range 12 --anycast-ip12: --anycast-ipv6 12:12::1/127 --ip-mtu 12:6990
    This example configures the MTU during a ctag-range-add operation.
  3. To view the configured MTU for an endpoint group, run the efa tenant epg show --detail command.