RASlog Operations

EFA is registered as a syslog recipient on the devices as part of the device registration. If there are any changes to the link after fabric or tenant formation, the RASlog service receives the syslog message.

The sequence of RASlog operations is as follows:

  1. The RASlog Service processes the syslog message and notifies all services through message-bus.
  2. The Inventory Service receives the RASlog Service message and updates relevant asset details in the database.
  3. The Inventory Service notifies Fabric and Tenant Services of any changes in the configurations.
  4. Fabric and Tenant Services review the state changes and display information about any pending configurations.

    You can choose to update fabric or tenants for the current state.

  5. When a device is deleted from the Inventory Service, EFA is unregistered as a syslog recipient from the device. If unregistration of EFA fails, deletion still proceeds.
  6. The RASlog Service listens to Device Registration and Device Deletion messages to ensure that messages from registered devices are not dropped.