Firmware Download Implicit Fullinstall Support

The firmware download process automatically detects which devices require a firmware download fullinstall. You are warned that fullinstall is going to begin, because the fullinstall takes more time to complete. You do not need to provide any extra input outside of the normal prepare command.

EFA firmware download implicitly uses the “no reboot” option when running the firmware download command on the device. The SLX firmware download fullinstall command supports “no reboot” option starting with SLXOS 20.2.3ea. This is the minimum required SLX version which should already be installed on the device for EFA firmware download to perform fullinstalls to a later SLX version on the device.

SLX firmware download does not support nocommit and fullinstall options specified together, so EFA firmware-download reports an error if there are devices requiring a fullinstall and the --noAutoCommit flag has been specified.
  1. The firmware download prepare command shows a warning when EFA detects that the device requires a full installation. The prepare is still successful.

    Example: [Supposing firmware download prepare detects a fullinstall is required for]

    efa inventory device firmware-download prepare add --ip --firmware-host --firmware-directory /team/ztp/build/slx/slxos20.1.2e
    |IP     | Host |Model|Chassis |ASN|Role|Current Firmware  |Firmware |    Firmware    |Target  | Last Update Time  |
    |Address| Name |     |Name    |   |    |                  |Host     |    Directory   |Firmware|                   |
    |10.20  | NH-  |3012 |SLX9250 |0  |Leaf|20.2.3slxos20.2.3b|10.20.241|/team/ztp/build/|20.1.2e |2021-03-30 22:12:52|
    |.246.4 | Leaf2|     |-32C    |0  |    |_210309_0732      |.241.101 |slx/slxos20.1.2e|        |+0000 UTC          |
    Firmware Download Prepare Add Details
    Validate Firmware Download Prepare Add [success]
    Warning(s) Full installation is required to firmware download 20.1.2e from existing version. Firmware download will take longer to complete on device
  2. The firmware download execute command shows an error when --noAutoCommit is specified and one or more devices require a full installation.

    Example: [Supposing firmware download execute --noAutoCommit is issued and fullinstall is required for]

    efa inventory device firmware-download execute --fabric non_clos --noAutoCommit
    Firmware Download Execute [failed] Device cannot perform firmware download with noAutoCommit and fullinstall requirement