Configure a Single-Rack Leaf in Day 0 and Day 1 Provisioning

You can configure a single-rack leaf on Day 0 and then configure centralized and distributed routing on Day 1.

About this task



If any devices in a fabric are in "admin-down" state, use of the following commands in that same fabric will not add or delete devices in the fabric: efa fabric device add-bulk and efa fabric device remove.


  1. Configure a single-rack leaf in a small data center fabric on Day 0.
    efa fabric create –name <fabric-name> --type non-clos
    efa fabric device add-bulk --name <fabric-name> --rack <rack-name> --ip <ip-pair>
    --username <username> --password <password>
    efa fabric configure --name <fabric-name>
  2. Configure centralized routing on Day 1.
    efa fabric setting update –name <fabric-name> --single-rack-deployment Yes
    efa tenant vrf create –name <vrf-name> --tenant <tenant-name> --routing-type centralized
  3. Configure distributed routing on Day 1.
    efa tenant vrf create –name <vrf-name> --tenant <tenant-name>

    There are no changes in the provisioning model.