Configure Shared Tenant, Shared VRF, and Private EPG using Shared VRF


  1. Configure Shared Tenant.
    efa tenant create --name <epg-name> --type shared --port <port-list> 
                       --vrf-count <num-of-vrfs> --l3-vni-range <l3-vni-range>
                       --vlan-range <vlan-range> --l2-vni-range <l2-vni-range>
  2. Configure Shared VRF under the ownership of Shared Tenant.
    efa tenant vrf create --name <vrf-name> --tenant <shared-tenant-name>
  3. Configure endpoint group (EPG) under the ownership of Private Tenant using the Shared VRF.
    efa tenant epg create --name <epg-name> --tenant <private-tenant> 
                     --po <po-list> --switchport-mode <trunk|access> --ctag-range <ctag-range> 
                     --anycast-ip <ctag:anycast-ip> --vrf <shared-vrf-owned-by-shared-tenant>