What's New in this Document

The following table describes information added to this guide for the Extreme Fabric Automation 3.1.0 software release.

Table 1. Summary of changes
Feature Description Link
Certificate Management New topic describing K3s CA certificates renewal and modified efa certificate device install command.
EFA Inventory and Fabric Service Enhancements New topic describing migration of 3-Stage Clos to 5-Stage Clos fabric.
L2 and L3 Services Features and Improvements New topics describing the tenant service feature enhancements.
Health and Fault Management New topic describing the unified health and fault management system in EFA. Unified Health and Fault Management Overview
BGP Standard Community-list and Extended community-list New topic describing the Route map match and Set community list configuration in EFA.
Northbound IPv6 support for EFA O&M New topic describing additional virtual IP support for IPv6 during EFA installation or upgrade.