Set Threshold Monitor Options

About this task

The threshold settings trigger events from SLX when the threshold limits are met. This feature is supported on SLX 20.4.2 and above.

Table 1. Drift Reconcile & Idempotency Support
Identify Drift Reconcile configuration Idempotency
Yes Yes Yes


Run the following command:
efa inventory device threshold-monitor set [ --ip device-ips | --fabric fabric-name | --type { cpu | memory | bfd-session | lif | mac-table | vxlan-tunnel } | --actions { all none raslog snmp loginfo } | --high-limit percentage | --low-limit percentage | --interval seconds | --retry retry-interval | --count max-events |


--ip device-ips
Specifies a comma-separated range of device IP addresses. For example:,,
--fabric fabric-name
Specify the name of the fabric.
--type type
Specify the type of threshold being configured. Valid types are cpu, memory, bfd-session, lif, mac-table, and vxlan-tunnel
--actions actions
Specifies the action to take upon exceeding the high-limit or low-limit. Valid actions are all, none, raslog, snmp, and loginfo. Loginfo is only valid for type cpu/memory.  [all] Both RASLOG and SNMP trap will be generated. [none] No action will be taken. [raslog] RASLOG will be generated. [snmp] SNMP trap will be generated. [loginfo] Diagnostic data collection along with RASLOG.
--high-limit percentage
Specifies the high limit threshold percentage. Valid values for type cpu is 0-95 with Default 50. Valid values for type memory is 0-95 with Default 70.  Valid values for types bfd-session/lif/mac-table/vxlan-tunnel is 10-100 with Default 90. 
--low-limit percentage 
Specifies the low limit threshold percentage. Not applicable for type cpu/memory.  Valid values for types bfd-session/lif/mac-table/vxlan-tunnel is 10-99 with Default 70. 
--count max-events
Specifies the maximum number of event actions that can be taken in an interval. See interval. Valid values are 1-60 with Default 4. Valid for types bfd-session/lif/mac-table/vxlan-tunnel.
--interval seconds
Specifies the interval for the threshold type.  For type cpu/memory it specifies the polling interval, in seconds after which a sample will be taken. Valid values are 10-3600 seconds with default of 120 seconds.  For types bfd-session/lif/mac-table/vxlan-tunnel it specifies the time interval, in seconds where a maximum number (count) of actions that can be taken. Valid values are 60-900 with Default 120.
--retry retry-interval
Specifies the number of polling interval retries that will be attempted (see interval) before desired action is taken.  Only applicable for –type cpu/memory. Valid values are 1-100. The default retries is 3.


This example shows the current inventory threshold-monitor settings for the specified device.

efa inventory device threshold-monitor list --ip
|IP      |    Type     |Actions |High |Low   |Count |Interval |Retry |AppState   |
|Address |             |        |Limit|Limit |      |         |      |           |
|10.10   |bfd-session  |snmp    |80   | 50   |3     |60       |      |cfg-in-sync|
+.10.75  +-------------+--------+-----+------+------+---------+------+-----------+
|        |vxlan-tunnel |        |80   |      |6     |         |      |cfg-in-sync|
+        +-------------+--------+-----+------+------+---------+------+-----------+
|        |lif          |snmp    |80   | 50   |3     |60       |      |cfg-in-sync|
+        +-------------+--------+-----+------+------+---------+------+-----------+
|        |mac-table    |snmp    |80   | 50   |3     |60       |      |cfg-in-sync|
+        +-------------+--------+-----+------+------+---------+------+-----------+
|        |cpu          |all     |80   |      |      |60       |3     |cfg-in-sync|
+        +-------------+--------+-----+------+------+---------+------+-----------+
|        |memory       |raslog  |80   |      |      |60       |3     |cfg-in-sync|


This example sets a CPU threshold-monitor to trigger an SNMP event when the CPU threshold exceeds 80%. To trigger an event, ensure that the threshold exceeds 3 times (retry) with a polling interval of 60 seconds. It takes a total of 3 minutes before the notification is sent.

efa inventory device threshold-monitor set –-type cpu --ip –-actions snmp -–high-limit 80 interval 60 retry 3

This example sets a mac-table threshold-monitor to trigger an SNMP event when the high-limit threshold exceeds 80% or the low-limit threshold exceeds 50%. You can trigger a maximum of 3 (count) SNMP events over the 60 second interval for the threshold exceeding 80% (high) or 50% (low) limits.

efa inventory device threshold-monitor set –-type mac-table --fabric fabric1 –-actions snmp -–high-limit 80 –low-limit 50 interval 60 count 3