Bubbling of Health Status

In the following example, /App/System/Security/Certificate is in yellow state and it gets bubbled up to the top level of the hierarchy.

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Each node in the hierarchy maintain the following details:

Node Details Description
Health Status and Score It represent the HQI (Health Quality indicator) of the system

It has Color and Value.

The HQI indicator bubbles up in the hierarchical system.

Additional Metadata Every node can optionally maintain metadata about what provides the reason for the current HQI
HQI Color HQI Value Description
Green 0 Healthy System
Yellow 1

Potential Failure is imminent

For example, certificate expiry in 10 days.

Orange 2

Failed (Yet System Functional)

For example, standby node is down

Red 3

Requires Immediate Attention

For example, database server is down.

Black 4 Critical