Update md5-password on an Active Fabric

About this task

When you update the md5-password on an active (already configured) fabric followed by the efa fabric configure operation, the efa fabric configure operation is considered as successful even though the operational state (for example, CONN) of the fabric BGP peers (after efa fabric configure) is worse than the previous (before efa fabric configure) operational state (for example, ESTABLISHED) of the fabric BGP peers. The system shows a warning message to indicate the worsened state of BGP peers.


Run the efa fabric topology show underlay --name <fabric-name> command to get the latest status of the BGP session.


  1. Run the efa fabric setting update command.
    efa fabric setting update --name fabric1 --md5-password-enable Yes --md5-password 'newpassword'
    WARNING: configuring/clearing md5-password on an active fabric will result in BGP neighbor sessions going down for a brief period when the fabric is reconfigured.
    Please confirm if you want to continue with the fabric setting update [y/n]?y
    fabric1 Fabric Update Successful
  2. Run the efa fabric configure command.
    efa fabric configure --name fabric1
    Validate Fabric [Success]
    Configure Fabric [Success] : Operation[BGP Session(s) Clear Operation] has succeeded with the warning:[BGP neighbor session is in CONN state and could not be established]