Configure Cluster Edge Port (CEP) Cluster Tracking for Endpoint Groups

About this task

EFA does not provision reload-delay 90 configuration on Cluster Edge Port (CEP) interfaces. EFA instead provisions cluster-track configuration on CEP interfaces when the CEP is configured as a member of an EPG (endpoint group) during the creation or updating of endpoint groups.

During upgrade from EFA 2.3.0 to 2.4.0 and above, EFA marks all the CEPs with the intended cluster-track configuration and shows it as configuration drift. On reconciliation of the drift, EFA pushes the cluster-track configuration to the CEP ports. Before the cluster-track configuration push, EFA automatically removes the reload-delay configuration from the CEP ports.


To configure CEP Cluster Tracking for an EPG, run the following command:
# efa tenant po create --name po11 --tenant tenant1 –speed 10Gbps --negotiation active 
--port[0/15] => CEP # efa tenant po create --name po12 -–tenant tenant1 
-–speed 10Gbps --negotiation active -–port[0/25],[0/25] => CCEP 

# efa tenant epg create --name ten1epg1 --tenant tenant1 --switchport-mode trunk --ctag-range 1001 
--port[0/35] --po po11,po12