Dynamic ICL in Small Data Center

Dynamic Inter-Chassis Link (ICL) in small data center (non-Clos) fabric dynamically identifies the ICL links for all the racks. In the latest version, you cannot specify the ICL ports manually.

Dynamic ICL in the non-Clos (small data center) fabric contains the following configuration changes:

  1. Fabric settings CLI does not contain MCT ports and L3 backup port options.

  2. There is no distinction between small data center and Clos MCT ports or LD-MCT ports in the backend. They do not have static configuration options and are identified by LLDP.

  3. EFA running config does not have any references to the MCT ports.

  4. Dynamic ICL configuration maintains backward compatibility for upgrade and downgrade operations for EFA.



For small data center fabrics in EFA 2.5.5, MCT ICL ports are defined in the fabric settings; rack-mct-ports or rack-ld-mct-ports, and are the only ports used to form an ICL. Starting in EFA 2.6.0 and above, all the LLDP enabled ports that interconnect the MCT nodes are used for MCT ICL

Therefore, any ports, which were not previously defined in the fabric settings; rack-mct-ports or rack-ld-mct-ports, but are interconnecting the MCT nodes, will be automatically used for the MCT ICL after the upgrade from EFA 2.5.5 to EFA 2.6.0 and above.