Centralized Routing on Single Rack Small Data Center Leaf Pair (not Border Leaf Pair)

The following items are required before you configure centralized routing on Single Rack Small Data Center Leaf Pair.

Fabric Setting for a single-rack-deployment

  1. A new fabric setting “single-rack-deployment” is introduced as follows:
    efa fabric setting update --name <non-clos-fabric-name> --single-rack-deployment <Yes|No>
  2. The fabric setting is applicable only for the Small Data Center fabric.
  3. Default value of single-rack-delployment = No.
  4. After upgrade from EFA 2.4.x to EFA 2.5.0, all the EFA 2.4.x small data center fabrics have single-rack-deployment =No.
  5. Single Rack Deployment
    1. When the “single-rack-deployment = Yes” and the fabric is configured,
      • You are not allowed to modify the single-rack-deployment from Yes to No.
      • The state is used as an indicator to EFA that “a given fabric is a single rack non clos fabric and will never be expanded beyond that”, so that EFA can have specific automation for the specific scenario of allowing the non-border-leaf rack act as CR (Centralized Router) for single rack small data center leaf pair deployments.
      • You cannot expand such a fabric. If you intend to expand such a fabric, then you must delete the fabric and recreate the same with “single-rack-deployment = No”.
    2. When the “single-rack-deployment = Yes” and the fabric is not configured,
      • You can modify the single-rack-deployment value from Yes to No.
  6. Multi Rack Deployment
    1. When the “single-rack-deployment = No” and fabric is configured or not-configured,
      • You can modify the value of single-rack-deployment from No to Yes, provided the existing number of racks in the fabric is 1.
  7. Fabric Device Add
    • Validations are done to ensure the number of racks in the given fabric adhere to the fabric settings.