EFA Intermediate CA

EFA is shipped with Intermediate CA that is used to

  1. Generate server certificate of EFA
  2. Generate HTTPS certificate of SLX
  3. Connect from Syslog server of SLX

During an upgrade, the old certificates are retained, and will not be regenerated.


Expiry and Alerts

The EFA Intermediate CA is valid till 10 years from the date of installation. It supports the following alerts which effects the health of EFA security subsystem:

For more information, see Fault Management.


To renew or regenerate the Intermediate CA, run the renewal script efa_renew_certs.sh.



In TPVM, the renewal script is available in /apps/efa/ and /opt/efa/ on a server installation.
sudo bash <path to the script>/efa_renew_certs.sh --type intermediateca

After the Intermediate CA certificate is updated,

For more information about updating the certificates, see HTTPS Certificates for SLX.

On renewal of certificate, CertificateRenewalAlert is raised which changes the health of the system to green.