Northbound IPv6 support

EFA 3.1.0 supports IPv6 via an additional virtual IP that is assigned during EFA installation or upgrade. Clients can make REST API calls to EFA via either an IPv4 or an IPv6 address. An IPv6 address is optional, but an IPv4 address is mandatory.

You can configure the API gateway with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.



Verify the Upgrade

  1. On the SLX device, run the show efa status command to see details of the installation and the state of services.
  2. From the EFA command line, run the efactl status command to see the status of nodes, pods, and services.
  3. Run the efa status command for concise status information.


For information about upgrading EFA, see the Extreme Fabric Automation Deployment Guide, 3.1.0 .

Verify the IPv6 Address

During a fresh installation or upgrade, ensure that you have specified the valid IPv6 address.

  1. When prompted, select Yes to assign an IPv6 address as a virtual IP for cluster.
  2. Specify the virtual IPv6 address. The system validates the IPv6 address to ensure it is not used already. If the entered IPv6 address is already in use, change the IPv6 address.