Persistent Configuration

Extreme devices support three types of configuration files:
  • Default - Default configuration files are part of the firmware package for the device and are automatically applied to the startup configuration.
  • Startup - Startup configuration files are persistent and are applied after system reboot.
  • Running - Configuration currently effective on the device is the running configuration.

For more information on configuration files, see Extreme SLX-OS Management Configuration Guide.

In SLX-OS 20.1.1, the configuration management process maintains two databases, Running and Startup.

In SLX-OS 20.1.2 and later, all the configurations are stored in one database, which also persists.

Maintenance Mode

In SLX-OS 20.1.1, maintenance mode can be enabled by configuring enable under system-maintenance configuration mode. If the configuration is persistent, the switch needs to be in maintenance mode before rebooting for it to come back in maintenance mode.

In SLX-OS 20.2.1 and later, maintenance mode can be enabled by configuring enable-on-reboot under system-maintenance configuration mode. After the reboot, the device comes back up in maintenance mode and remains operational.

SLX(config-system-maintenance)# enable-on-reboot
SLX(config-system-maintenance)# [no] enable-on-reboot

The system maintenance turn-off command brings the system out of maintenance mode.

Non-reachable Devices

EFA tracks devices by running heart-beats to the SLX devices.

When a non-reachable device becomes reachable, EFA identifies any drift and performs reconciliation, if necessary.