Known Limitations in EFA

This topic covers several caveats and limitations when using Extreme Fabric Automation.

Provided VNI: 1006 already consumed in fabric

Symptom Condition Workaround
Endpoint group (EPG) create fails with VNI resource not being available in the fabric. Run EPG create, delete, and re-create CLI in quick succession:
  1. Create EPG or Networks with user-provided VNI parameter.
  2. Delete the EPG.
  3. Create the EPG again with the same parameters as in step 1.
Provide a wait of 30 seconds between the create and delete CLI on the same EPG.

VRF delete from EPG and re-adding VRF to EPG fails intermittently

Symptom Condition Workaround
Endpoint group (EPG) update vrf-add operation fails with the reason as VRF to be added has conflicting VRF on the switch. Run EPG update vrf-add, vrf-delete, and vrf-add operation CLI in quick succession:
  1. Update EPG for operation vrf-add.
  2. Update EPG for operation vrf-delete.
  3. Update the same EPG again with operation vrf-add for the same VRF which was deleted in step 2.
Wait of 30 seconds between the EPG update vrf-add and vrf-delete operations on the same EPG.

vrf_route_target_mapping error while creating EPG (after VRF delete)

Symptom Condition Workaround
When VRF is added and deleted to or from and Endpoint Group, in quick succession, multiple times, events received from inventory service can get interleaved with the commands.

This causes EFA command execution path to find database entries that are yet to be deleted due to previous command run.

Issue is observed when vrf-add and vrf-delete operations are run multiple times on Endpoint Group in quick succession. Wait for a few minutes before running the vrf-add again on Endpoint Group.

Inventory device update fails to change device table router-ip field

Symptom Condition Workaround
If the router-id is changed on the device (add, delete, or modified), the device table router-ip field does not change after you do inventory device update. It is found that inventory did detect the diff and generate the RouterBgpUpdatedMsg to Tenant. Tenant did not handle this message. Add hook in the RouterBgpUpdatedMsg on tenant handler to set the RouterIP. This enables the tenant DB to have the same value with the device after update.

REST operations are not retried (as applicable) during the service boot

Symptom Condition Workaround
REST operations are not retried (as applicable) during the service boot up. The status are not set for all the REST operations AFTER publishing all the necessary events on the message bus. For all the REST operations, set the status AFTER publishing all the necessary events on the message bus.

RBAC: EFA shows "export EFA_TOKEN" command suggestion when a tenant user logs in

Symptom Condition Workaround
EFA shows the following message after a tenant user with RBAC logs in to the system:

Please type this in your shell:

export EFA_TOKEN=eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsImtpZCI6IjEuMCIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJjb21tb25fbmFtZSI6IkVGQSBUb2tlbiBTZXJ2aWNlIiwidWFzIjpbeyJ0YXJnZXQiOiJFRkEiLCJyb2xlIjoiVlIyLVRudEFkbWluIn1dLCJvcmciOiJFeHRyZW1lIE5ldHdvcmtzIiwidmVyIjoiMS4wIiwiaWQiOiIiLCJleHAiOjE2NDUyNDcxNDIsImp0aSI6IjZjMjA4ZDUxLTkwNzgtMTFlYy1iZjk5LWNhNzk1MDY1YzIwNyIsImlhdCI6MTY0NTE2MDc0MiwiaXNzIjoiRUZBIFRva2VuIFNlcnZpY2UiLCJuYmYiOjE2NDUxNjA3NDIsInN1YiI6InVzZXIyIn0.b7m5PINijeEdNSqnTeE2ZhUrqKLKQAu079vXyBIdgHbXKt9ULfa03vMU1jfBO1qFb1-x0oHmsAQ0pSsF5JLeMaMzMflLf78ktZO8U5IePq72vM5en35IR-DNLyoGIZBeFeG6ZbBMoETzz5vf9OuefgQID3YdjcALr7yllCgDmLVFlgson77yCBpkTK15xm1GRbtL7JKXZzShBE7E3kdW7N71MdM85Gc3r4l-c8sfz7eo06gKrfTq9wXCv4_LVzR6-KRSg6NyLq363WEpcK1A2Hs0Wo3T9TpquYHNaCWA5I1QTsG-RHFdg4kxZP2fQpUp6Bgy1s6k59PVPn4-M-a8lA— Time Elapsed: 4.619465187s

When a user is created with the default login shell as sh. EFA supports only bash shell for login or any other CLI commands.

EFA CLI or REST request with scale config takes longer than 15 minutes fails

Symptom Condition Workaround

Tenant2 delete is successful whereas deleting Tenant1 took more than 15 minutes and failed with the following message:

Error : service is not available or internal server error has occurred, please try again later

Tenant service was running.

Tenant1 was not available after the error.
When you try to delete tenants in a single rack small data center deployment configured with scale tenant config Any CLI or REST tenant operations, and any fabric operations taking more than 15 minutes will timeout at the client side. The operation completes in the background. Run the efa tenant show command to view the actual state of the operation.