Azara User Interface Mapping to ExtremeCloud

If you are a former Azara customer, the following table can help you learn how to access the equivalent Azara functionality in ExtremeCloud.

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Mapping Functionality Between Azara and ExtremeCloud

Azara Functionality ExtremeCloud Functionality
Map view Monitor Sites
  • Dashboard
  • System in Azara represents the tenant as a whole. The main dashboard lets you view comparable information for the tenant.
Custom dashboards Configure the Dashboards
Monitor > Summary Dashboard
Monitor > Access Points Monitor > Devices > Access Points
Monitor > Clients Monitor > Clients
Monitor > Event Log Logging
Reports Select Reports > Reports to access PCI Compliance and Security reports.
Configuration > Networks
  • Configure > Networks
  • Access points are automatically added to the AP list when they are registered using the process in your Welcome email
Configuration > Sites Configure > Sites
Configuration > Captive Portal Configure > Policy > Captive Portal
Configuration > Inventory/Devices Configure > Devices > Access Points
Configuration > Users Administration > Accounts
Configuration > Preferences
Configuration > Licenses Configure > Licenses