show msrp ports counters

show msrp ports {port_list} counters {event | packet}


Shows PDU or event counters per port.

Syntax Description

msrp Multiple Stream Registration Protocol.
ports Ports.
port_list Port list separated by a comma or "-".
counters MSRP packet and attribute event counters.
event MSRP attribute event counters.
packet MSRP packet counters (default).



Usage Guidelines

Use this command to display PDU or event counters per port. The counters count the received attributes from talkers and listeners per attribute event, or the number of PDUs msrp counters by itself displays PDU counters.


#show msrp ports 17 counters packet   
Port     Streams    Reservations    Rx Pkt     Rx Error     Tx Pkt   
----- ------------  ------------  ----------  ----------  ----------     
  17             0             0           2           0           2       

#show msrp ports 17 counters event   
Port : 17       
    MRP Attribute Events       Rx          Tx    
   -----------------------  ----------  ----------     
  In                              250          56     
  JoinIn                            0           0     
  JoinMt                          224         386     
  Lv                                0           0     
  Mt                                0         152     
  New                               0           0          

    MSRP Declarations           
  -----------------------  ----------  ----------     
  Listener Asking Failed            0           0     
  Listener Ready                   56           8     
  Listener Ready Failed             0           0     
  Talker Advertise                  8          56     
  Talker Failed                     0           3       
In     : Not declared, but registered    
JoinIn : Declared and Registered         
JoinMt : Declared, but not registered    
Lv     : Previously registered, but now withdrawn     
Mt     : Not declared, and not registered   
New    : Newly declared, and possibly not previously


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.3.

Platform Availability

This command is available on all platforms that support the AVB feature and that have an AVB feature pack license installed. To see which platforms support AVB and for information about obtaining a license, see the Switch Engine 32.3 Feature License Requirements .