disable rip export

disable rip export [bgp | direct | e-bgp | i-bgp | ospf | ospf-extern1 | ospf-extern2 | ospf-inter | ospf-intra | static | isis | isis-level-1| isis-level-1-external | isis-level-2| isis-level-2-external ]


Disables RIP from redistributing routes from other routing protocols.

Syntax Description

bgp Specifies BGP routes.
direct Specifies interface routes (only interfaces that have IP forwarding enabled are exported).
e-bgp Specifies external BGP routes.
i-bgp Specifies internal BGP routes.
ospf Specifies all OSPF routes.
ospf-extern1 Specifies OSPF external route type 1.
ospf-extern2 Specifies OSPF external route type 2.
ospf-inter Specifies OSPF-inter area routes.
ospf-intra Specifies OSPF-intra area routes.
static Specifies static routes.
isis Specifies IS-IS routes.
isis-level-1 Specifies ISIS Level 1 routes.
isis-level-1-external Specifies ISIS Level 1 External routes.
isis-level-2 Specifies ISIS Level 2 routes.
isis-level-2-external Specifies ISIS Level 2 External routes.



Usage Guidelines

This command disables the exporting of BGP, static, direct, and OSPF-learned routes into the RIP domain.


The following command disables RIP from redistributing any routes learned from OSPF:

# disable rip export ospf


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 10.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on all platforms with a Base license or higher as described in the Switch Engine 32.3 Feature License Requirements document.